Technical Dept

The department IS headed by Florida Soi. Technical department comprises three subjects: Agriculture, Business studies and computer studies.

Every subject has a head. Anagletkipngeno is the head of computer studies. JaphetKemboi is the head of Business Studies and Florida Soi is the Head of Agriculture.

There is a total of eleven teachers in the department:

NAME                                                                                           SUBJECT

Ms Florida Soi (H.O.D department)                                     Agriculture & biology

Mr AnagletKipngeno (H.O.S computer studies)              Computer and B. studies

Mr Japhet Kemboi (H.O.S business studies)                        B. studies & mathematics

Mr Paul Rotich                                                                        Agriculture & Biology

Mr Gibson Langat                                                                 Business Studies & mathematics

Mr Vincent Langat                                                               Geography & business studies

Ms Beatrice Chepngeno                                                    Business studies & Mathematics

Ms JAcklineChemutai                                                       Business studies & mathematics

Juliet Chepngetich                                                                   Business studies & mathematics

Mr Raymond Cheruiyot                                                        Agriculture & biology

Mr FranklineRonoh                                                           Business studies & Geography

Performance in the department has been exemplary in the past five years. All the subjects have had an upward trend and we attribute this to the support given by the administration and teachers. Learners too have been cooperative. We hope to move even higher as we forge ahead.

God bless our school.