Students Council

Being the president of a school of this calibre is indeed an overwhelming task.My work is to assist in creating a link between the students and the administration,and that includes making my follow students toe the line all the time and their voices are heard by the administration.

Our challenges are our strength. Virtues such as patience, honesty , understanding, tactfulness,fairness and self-sacrifice have been our pillars for these have helped us face criticism and overcome them.

Student's governing council
Student’s Governing Council

The councillors do a great job in monitoring their areas of jurisdiction. They are chosen basing on academic merits and discipline. It is only recently when the administration adopted a democratic system where the students are given mandate to elect their president and the deputy president but still on ballot are discipline, academic experience, maternity, humility, eloquence and other positive values.

Personally, I would like to thank the school administration;our principal and his deputy principal and all the teachers for their continuous support. They are of great significance to me and my tenure as the school president. I will always cherish you for your dedication to make Chebwagan a great school. Thanks for all the good things you do to us for our comfort in school;we read in nice class rooms, stay in good dormitories, and take delicious means.The challenge is on our side;the students.Together we will be strong, together we will make Chebwagan soar higher every year.God bless Chebwagan.

Gilbert Kipkirui Ng’etich
Students’ council chair, 2017

“If our greatest need was money, God would have sent us an economist. If it was pleasure,he would have sent an entertainer and information,a researcher . Our greatest need was education, and God gave us a gift, Chebwagan Boys School. This school has been a blessing to all of us ;those who have gone through and those who are yet to. Its improvement over the years is attributed greatly to our dedicated Principal, Mr Mibei and his team.

As s student leadership, I have found it a pleasure for this is an opportunity to serve young Kenyans therefore building leadership skills. We have a total of 51 student councillors all working to ensure our stay is comfortable for four years in the system.
Classes are controled by class secretaries who precide over class assemblies. Dormitory councillors make sure order and cleanliness are maintained.They preside over dormitory assemblies.Order in the dining hall is kept by the dining hall councillors while the environment and sanitation councillors are concerned with cleanliness in the compound. There are also laboratory councillors in charge of the three laboratories.Students’ welfare councillor, administration councillor, water and electricity councillor and games councillors.They are all in charge of their areas of jurisdiction”

To my fellow students :
Having a dream makes one
To wake up and work towards realization
As he continues working towards it
Great dreamers involve God to enable them realize them
Great dreamers become magnetic to every factor that fertilizes
The ground for faster and fruitful growth
God bless you.God bless Chebwagan.

Kipng’etich Kirui Ishmael
Students’council deputy chairman , 2017.