Science Dept


The science department is a department that is comprised of three subjects namely: – Biology, Chemistry and Physics. It has a total of thirteen competent and well-trained teachers who need less supervision. Teachers teaching the three subjects in the entire school are itemised below:

NAMES                                                                   TEACHING SUBJETS

  1. Mrs Kipkoech Clementine (H.O.D)              Biology and Chemistry
  2. Mr Koech Paul                                                   Biology and Chemistry
  3. Mr Nyolei Weldon (H.O.S biology)               Biology and chemistry
  4. Mr KimettoNicholus (H.O.S chemistry)      Biology and Chemistry
  5. Mr Ngeno Nelson                                              Physics
  6. Mr Paul Rotich                                                  Biology
  7. Ms Florida Soi                                                   Biology
  8. Mrs Victorine Rotich                                       Physics and Chemistry
  9. Mr Josphat Langat                                          Physics and Chemistry
  10. Mr Collins Langat                                            Physics
  11. Mr Rotich Christopher                                    Chemistry
  12. Mr Robert Bett                                                 Biology
  13. Mr Weldon Ronoh                                           Chemistry biology

The department has achieved an outstanding performance over the years. This is because there has been an ascendant trend in terms of the performance in all the three subjects in the past years. This was made possible with various programmes embraced so as to advance the implementation of teaching and learning activities.

The feats in the department have been achieved due to the teamwork and effective curriculum implementation employed by the members. The school administration has also played a major role in supporting and making certainthat all the required resources are availed in time.

We believe that our school is set for greater pinnacles.