Mathematics Dept

Mathematics has always been stated as the mother of all sciences but in itself an art. That is why for anyone to be a good performer academically he/she must be good in the subject.
In the department we have programmes that motivate and encourage students to be hard working and to develop a positive attitude in the subject. Among the programmes are the Sunday quiz, mathematics day and the daily doze. All these have enabled to achieve a mean of 8.376.
We also have a well-motivated team of teachers who believe in teamwork and cultivate a positive attitude in the subject. These are:
1. Mr Nelson Ngeno H.O.D
2. Mr Collins Langat
3. Mr Gibson Langat
4. Mr Japheth Kemoi
5. Ms Beatrice Chepngeno
6. Mr Christopher Rotich
7. Mr Lelei Michael
Without the support from the school administration we would not be able to do much as a department. We therefore appreciate all the support.
God bless mathematics department and bless Chebwagan Boys’ High School community.