Chebwagan Boys’ High school started as harambee school in the year 1969 and was registered the same year to offer instructions up to form two. In the year 1974 it started to offer instructions up to form four. Later in 1984 the school charged to double stream and then to three streams in 2003 and later to four streams in the year 2015.
currently the school has a total of sixteen classrooms, 3 laboratories and administration block housing the principal’s and the deputy principal’s offices. There are also twelve departmental offices in the school. Among other assets in the school is a 51-seater bus and teachers’ quaters.
The school performance has improve progressively with the highest mean of 8.702 obtained in the year 2015. With a systematic phasing out of girls the school is now a fully-fledged Boys’ High School.
The school is managed by thirteen members of the board of management(BOM). Four of the thirteen members are identifie by the sponsor, three others are dran from the special interest groups, three others from the community, two co-opted from the PTA body with the principal as the secretary to the Board. The offcial sponsor of the school is African Inland Church. Mr Bett Peter is currently the Chairman of the BOM while Mr. Langat is the Chairman of the PTA.

VISION: To obtain credible self driven and dynamic professions of all cadres
MISSION: To provide holistic education through effective and innovative service delivery to all learners.

Chebwagan Boys' High School Staff in their daily undertakings
Chebwagan Boys’ High School Staff in their daily undertakings

The following are the principals who headed the school from the time of inception up to date:
Mr. Alex Korir: 1969 -1970
Mr. Stanley Kendmiywo: 1970-1972
Mr. Antony Ngeno : 1972 – 1973
Mr. Ezekiel Kirui: 1974 – 1984
Mr. Wilson Ngeno: 1985 from January – June
Mr. Joseph Chepkwony: 1985 July to December
Mr. Joseph P. Sigei: 1986 – 1987
Mr. Paul Sang: 1988 – 1997
Mr. Richard Sigei: 2000 – 2005
Mr. Korir: 2005 – 2010
Mr. Mibei K. Richard: 2011 – 2018
Mr. Otsieno Josephat: 2018 – Now
God Bless Our beloved Chebwagan Boys’ High School!